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Are you thinking of implementing a swimming pool in your home?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The presence of a swimming pool in the house is certainly beautiful, which gives a qualitative addition to the quality of life, including a nice view that overlooks it, and the advantages of water for a person in terms of rest and recreation, and also useful as a sport that you practice daily.

Pool shape and size:

It is determined based on the area available on the land compared to the building, and also the type of use. If the swimming pool is only for relaxing and adding an aesthetic view, it can be added in most lands and it is preferable to be external to the best use of the space for construction for lands ranging in size from 400 meters to 600 square meters. And if the ground is larger than that, then we can think of the indoor pool because of its advantages that it can be used throughout the year, and it increases the likelihood of use.

In the event that the swimming pool is designated for sports, it is best to obtain a suitable length for the swimming pool, for example the length of 9 meters and the width is the lowest possible width of 2 meters, for example. Of course, it is preferable to be wider, but it will remain my work for the purpose of sports.


The temperature also varies depending on the use of swimming pools, for example, for private swimming pools for exercise, the temperature is preferably between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius.

If the swimming pool is for children and luxury, a temperature of 29 ° C is recommended

As for the elderly, the preferred degree is between 30 to 31 degrees Celsius

Basic types of swimming pool systems:

Skimmer - it is known that it is the least maintenance and the least number of devices


The water floats outside the boundaries of the pool, and this system needs more complexity in terms of tanks and pumps

Heating devices:

The capacity of the appropriate device is determined by the competent company for swimming pools, as well as the best devices in terms of less maintenance and lowest electricity costs, as pool heaters are considered expensive for consumption. From personal experience, an old type of electric heater was used and it was very expensive in terms of electricity. It was replaced later by an electric heater that uses the air temperature to balance the water temperature, and it was better in terms of consumption, but the disadvantage is that it has limited temperature control according to the different weather outside. And also there are types that use solar energy.

Electrical Heater. The heater uses the heat of the air with electricity

The presence of the swimming pool is beautiful and a wonderful addition, taking into account the operational cost, the addition of the amount of use, the number of family members, and periodic maintenance, as it needs weekly cleaning of the indoor pools and almost daily cleaning of the outside due to falling leaves and dust in it. And also among the maintenance work is the balancing of the chlorine percentage and materials for sterilizing the water to keep the swimming pool healthy and clean.


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