HADDADVS will transform your design concept into an actionable plan for your contractor. Providing detailed Architectural, Structural, Plumbing, and Electrical drawings.



Architectural drawings describe the basic architectural elements of the project according to your project requirements and style preferences.

  • Wall Thickness

  • Dimensioning

  • Door and Window Schedules

  • Insulation

  • Basic Furniture Layout



Our professional and highly experienced engineers will study your architectural designs and provide the best structural solutions for your project. They will prioritize safety and take into consideration your vision, soil test, timeline, cost, and capabilities of your contractor.

Our engineers will explain the different concepts of structural design and make recommendations  in terms of: 

  • Building Foundation

  • Slab Structure

  • Style 

  • Desired Elements 

bd15 master bedroom op3  pic 5.jpg


Plumbing drawings identify how the water will be supplied, distributed, and properly drained from the home. They will also locate the water tank, mechanical room pump, heater, and plumbing fixtures. Our team of experts are well trained and educated in a variety of additional services:

  • Solutions to Protect Equipment from Rain and Corrosion

  • Environmentally Friendly Services:

    • Reusing Rainwater and Air Conditioning Condensation

  • Water Features:

    • Swimming Pools

    • Jacuzzis

    • Saunas

    • Fountains

    • Waterfalls

  • Sweet Water / Fresh Line of Water

Cage Lamp


Electrical Drawings provide the details of the electrical requirements and recommended locations for your project. Our experts can support a variety of requirements:

  • Power Wiring

  • Grounding

  • Switches and Outlets

  • Basic Light Distribution & Load

  • Panel Board

  • Control Room

  • High Tech Systems

  • Safety

    • Fire and Smoke Detectors

    • Cameras

    • Security for Windows and Doors

  • Upgraded Electrical Drawings

  • Speaker Systems and Sound Distribution​

  • Home Theatre Cinema Advisement

    • Dimensions

    • Wiring

    • Limiting Echoes